Welcome to SoCalEarthMovers.com. This is the one and only site dedicated to all the earth moving heavy equipment located down in Southern California (SoCal). Many don't realize how much iron and heavy machinery is actually over here reshaping the California landscape, so I wanted to create a site that would spotlight all of this, thus SoCalEarthMovers.com was born!

    Every picture and video clip you see on this site (with exception of those in the "Guest Pics" section) I have personally taken myself. I have spent an incredible amount  of time creating all of this so I really hope you enjoy what you see! It has taken me years to capture everything on this site so I do ask that you please acknowledge that all of my photographs and video clips are copyrighted. 

   I currently have thousands upon thousands of  photos along with tons  of video clips so be sure to sit down, get comfortable, and take some  time to scroll through everything on the site! The photo galleries as  well as the video clips are listed from oldiest to newest so scroll down  the page to see what the latest additions are! Also to give you a heads  up, from photo gallery 41 and on you can click on the photos themselves to blow them up and see them in higher resolution! I am always looking for ways to try and improve the site and this was a new feature I thought many would like!
   If all the SoCal pics start overwhelming you no worries I do have more good stuff in the "Misc" section! The 'Travels' page is filled with tons of photos from various places outside of SoCal where I was able to snap shots of big iron in avtion. This section also features photos from the different big shows I've attended (e.g. ConExpo & MinExpo).  There is even a "Guest Pics" page featuring photos taken by others such as yourself! This site also features its very own forum that you can join for free and share photos, videos, or just plain have fun discussing heavy equipment with others that share the same interest.

   Although this site and photography are just a hobby for me, I have had the pleasure of having some of my stuff  featured on other websites, magazines, calendar's, and a few of my video clips are even in the I.U.O.E.'s new training videos.  These things are a huge compliment to me and my work inspiring me to continue to keep this site up and running strong.

   Thanks for stopping bye!  I will of course continue to add more pictures and videos as I shoot them so be sure to keep checking back often to see what's new!!

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