Welcome to SoCalEarthMovers.com. This is the one and only site dedicated to all the earth moving heavy equipment located in Southern California (SoCal). Many don’t realize just how much iron is around these parts reshaping the California landscape, so I wanted to create a place that would spotlight all of this, thus SoCalEarthMovers.com was born! My obsession with equipment started as a young kid and has only grown over the past 30 years. I started getting into photography around the year 2000 and absolutely love it, my only regret is not getting into it much sooner… I have uploaded several thousands of photos along with tons of video clips to this website over the years so be sure to sit down, get comfortable, and take some time to scroll through everything on the site! Every picture and video you see on this site I have personally taken myself. I have spent an incredible amount of time creating all this so I really hope you enjoy what you see! It has taken me several years to capture all this you are seeing so I do politely ask that you please acknowledge that all my photographs and video clips are copyrighted. Feel free to contact me if you would like to use any of this content for posting elsewhere or any other uses.

When navigating through the site you will notice the Photo galleries are categorized by year. I did this to make things a little easier to scroll through and a more pleasurable viewing experience. The old website design was a bit overwhelming and hard to scroll through having everything all together in one looooong list. One minor thing to side note is that the galleries do not always correspond to the actual year the photo was taken in, but rather the year I uploaded them to the website. Sometimes I get backlogged and pictures get posted at a later date. The “Videos” page has all the newest and latest movie clips posted on the first page and scrolls back, by using the page number buttons located at the bottom of the videos page, to the oldest movie clips being on the last page. If all the SoCal pics start overwhelming you- no worries! I do have more good stuff in the appropriately labeled “More” section. The “Travels” tab is filled with tons of photos from various places outside of SoCal where I have been able to snap some shots of big iron in action. This section also features photos from the different big equipment shows I’ve attended (e.g. ConExpo & MinExpo). The newest thing for the SoCalEarthMovers website is the step into social media… There is now a Facebook and Instagram page for the site! I try to update them as often as possible, especially the Instagram account as I really like this application. Although this website and photography are just a hobby for me, I have had the pleasure of having my stuff featured on other various websites, magazines, calendars, CAT brochures, and even in training videos. These things are a huge compliment and help inspire me to continue to keep this site up and running strong. A huge thank you to all the visitors that didn’t just quickly skim this and click away, those of you that continue to keep returning I really appreciate it and am glad I can share all of this with you! I will of course continue to add more pictures and video clips as I shoot them and have time to post so be sure to keep checking back often to see what’s new!